About Deestaff

The story of Deestaff Kennel


How we keep our pups


The one thing that describes Deestaff Kennel the best, is that our dogs are not just dogs - they are family. This includes our puppies when they are born. The eight weeks or more they spend in our house they are our biggest priority and are raised in our living room to socialize them and thereby give them the best start to their life.


A day of a pup spend at the Deestaff Kennel starts early because pups do not sleep in. We get up at 5 am to look into them and when they are old enough to crawl out of the box themselves, we take them out to go to the toilet in the garden. They come with us to the livingroom and kitchen while we eat breakfast and when they are tired they are taken back to their box in the room next to the living room. This continues throughout the day - when the pups are awake they are with us and when they sleep they get some quite time to themselves. The first couple of weeks they will spend all of their time in the box, as they are to small to be moved around. The result of living room upbringing is playful, socialized and confident puppies with an eager to explore the world.


The puppies are all vaccinated and registered with Dansk Kennel Klub where they get their own pedigree. All our dogs at Deestaff Kennel are insured with Agria animal insurance company. To read more about how Agria helps the new owners, see the document below.

My expectations for puppy buyers


I love all my dogs, and that is why I expect something of you as a possible puppy buyer.


Before getting a puppy from Deestaff Kennel you must come to our kennel and visit us. It is important to me that we have good race represetatives and loving families for our puppies, so they get a life full of love and understanding, not only from you but everyone around the dog. When visiting our kennel I will have the opportunity to tell you about the race and you get to meet the dogs first hand. It will only be an advantage if you already have educated yourself on the race before your visit.


A staffy is a very social dog, and must therefore be with its family as much as possible. I expect that you have the time in your everyday life to let your staffy be a big part of your family. With the staffy's sensitive and loving mind, it can become depressed, afraid to be alone and prone to anxiety when left too many hours by itself every day.

A second dog to accompany a staffy can be a wonderful thing, but remember not to let that become a substitute for your time with your staffy. It is most certain a people dog and will quite often choose human company over another dog.


To arrange a visit to Deestaff Kennel, please contact me by email on info@deestaff.dk

How it all started


In 1981 I lived and worked in England. This was the first time I met a Staffordshire Bull Terrier. At first sight, I was fascinated, not only by their looks, but also by their gentle and loving character. I must say, I fell in love on the spot with these loving and strong dogs. I soon bought my first Staffordshire Bull Terrier and when I decided to move back to Denmark in 1992, I brought one with me. From here I found that the difference in looks from kennel to kennel was rather large.


The dog I fell in love with, was the original Staffordshire Bull Terrier with the broad head, rose ears and bulldog like appearance. Many dogs I saw was smaller, had a narrow head and their ears were getting too big. I therefore decided to start my own kennel, and make it my goal in life to breed the Staffordshire Bull Terriers in the style I love them. In 2002 I got my kennel approved by Dansk Kennel Klub and it has been my life ever since



Deestaff's insurance policy with Agria


All our dogs at Deestaff Kennel are insured with Agria animal insurance company.


This insurance policy will cover for hidden flaws within the first two years of the puppy's life. This does not include HD/AD.

If your puppy unfortunatly gets a disease like kidney failure, lever failure, a bad heart, etc. you must contact the Kennel before the puppy is put down. This applies for all diseases which can be categorized as hidden flaws. You will not be eligible for a refund unless an autopsy is performed on the puppy.