About Staffies

Staffordshire Bull Terriers


This page is to inform you about the race in general, the beautiful and unique mind of a staffy, how to make a staffy's life perfect and much more.


The mind of a staffy is not like most other dogs. That is why it is important as the owner (or owner to be) of a Staffordshire Bull Terrier to educate yourself on the race. From the menu below you can learn more about the wonderous and sensitive mind of a staffy, how to set your everyday life when a staffy is part of your family, legal rights when buying a puppy, a health survey from 2014 on staffies and tips on training. Some of the documents found from the menu below is only offered in Danish.

Are you ready to be a dog owner?


All puppies are sweet but all puppies grow up and if you are not ready for what owning a dog requires, the sweetness will become less over time. Problems will start to show and both you and your dog will soon be more frustrated than happy. Set you and your future friend on four legs up for a lifelong success by doing your homework well before you decide for a breed. Be realistic and pick the breed that suits you, your lifestyle and your family best. Owning a dog is more than just buying a new friend. Owning a dog is to welcome a new member of your family.


Dogs are social animals. They need your time and attention to be happy. They need walks – also in rain and winter, and some breeds have fur that needs extra care. Some breeds need more training and activities than other does, but all dogs need some training and mental and physical activities to enjoy life fully.


Moreover, all dogs need to feel loved. Life with a well-balanced and happy dog takes commitment from your side. Only if you are truly ready to commit yourself to your future dog´s wellbeing you are ready to be a dog owner.


In return for your time and efforts your dog will repay you with loyalty and love millions of times and more.