The mind of a Staffy

The mind of a Staffy


The Staffordshire Bull Terrier is a great dog in the right family. He is a loyal friend and he loves to spend time with his owner. In fact, he demands it.


The breed prefers the company of humans to other dogs and if you leave your staffy too much alone or do not give him enough attention, he will not be happy. The more you are able to bring him along with you and let him take part of your daily routine the better. Some call the staffy the nanny dog because of his great love towards kids. A staffy is a true family dog and he needs to be a fulltime member of your family.


A staffy has many different sounds and he loves to talk and sometimes respond. He is intelligent and he seems to know how you are feeling – and if you are feeling little down, he will try to make you smile again. He is playful all his life and play activities are an awesome way to connect with a staffy. A staffy in deep sleep is often snoring - which only makes him even more charming.


The breed needs to be socialized well as a puppy but even then you can´t expect your staffy to play and socialize with other unknown dogs as he grows up. Some get along with other dogs as puppies but once they reach adulthood this change. Many dogs of this breed does not have a need to meet with other dogs – as long as they have the company of their people. Do not force a staffy to meet other dogs. Often other dogs have trouble reading a staffy´s body language and this can create bad situations for a staffy. Normally a healthy well socialized staffy is not aggressive and he often makes a poor guard dog. However, if challenged he will stand his ground. A staffy is a brave dog and he will defend you if needed. An owner of a staffy need to know this and be responsible. Avoid putting the dog in situations where he feels like he has to protect you or himself.


A staffy looks touch to the one who does know the breed because of the way he is build but in fact, he is a very kind and sensitive dog who aim to please you. Do not raise your voice to a staffy. Guide him instead and reward him when he does the right things. A staffy is intelligent and he does not do things wrong on purpose.


Most of the time a staffy is not able to walk of leash. He loves to hunt and if he catch another animal, he might easily kill the prey. That is why a small kid should not walk a staffy alone. He is very strong compared to his size and if he sees something to hunt, he might pull over the kid even it is not his intention.


It is very important to buy your future staffy with a registered pedigree. In this way, you are sure about his temper and health. Other breeds out there might look a bit like a staffy but they do not share the mind of a staffy. The pedigree is your only proof that your dog is in fact a staffy.