Staffordshire Bull Terriers


A Staffordshire Bull Terrier belong, as the name says, to the breed of dogs known as terriers.


A Staffordshire Bull Terrier belong, as the name says, to the breed of dogs known as terriers. Often are Terriers called stubborn and difficult to train. However, this is not true. If you use the right methods and patience a staffy can easily learn things – the secret is to show your staffy that doing this pays off in a positive way.


A staffy loves to do things with its family and humans. In fact, this breed is orientated very much towards the company of you. Nevertheless, the staffy also has its own opinion about things. At the same time the staffy is a sensitive dog and a friendly dog, that needs to feel accepted and as a beloved part of the family. Being hard or using punishment on a staffy will never work. It will only make the dog turn away from you and feel unhappy.


Instead, you need to motivate your staffy in a positive way, guide him and show him that working with you is great fun. The way to do this is to train your staffy with positive reward based metods. Use food and toys to reward your dog. The staffy is very playful and he loves food, so he will find this very reinforcing. Clicker training works fantastic with a staffy because there is no forcing the dog, no use of punishment and you pay him a salary with rewards. The method gives him the feeling that he is partly running the show – which all terriers love to feel they do. By rewarding wanted behavior and ignoring unwanted behavior, you will get your staffys full attention.


Do not raise your voice to your staffy if he does something wrong. Guide him instead and when he does the right thing – or just tries to do – reward him for this. The staffy is an intelligent dog. Soon he will do what you want more and more. Using positive training methods you can make him do many different things and even sports. From obedience to agility and even service dog work. Staffordshire Bull Terriers also have great skills in rounder and tracking, and they make excellent running partners.